A Look at Aquaglide’s Chinook Kayak Series: Seven Things You’ll Love About The Chinook

If quick stints on mellow water make your heart go pitter patter, Aquaglide’s Chinook kayak is what your ultimate kayak dreams are made of. This lightweight, easy-to-set-up recreational boat checks all the boxes off the list, and then some. And with three different boats in the Chinook line, there’s something for everyone. Let’s get into the nitty gritty — here are seven things you will love about the Chinook 90, Chinook 100, and Chinook 120.

Compact With a Punch of Precision

The Chinook 90 is Aquaglide’s shortest open cockpit kayak, which means a few things: it’s majorly compact, and it provides exceptional maneuverability for calm rivers and shorter trips on flat water. The 9-foot open bow layout in the Chinook 90 allows for easy transitions, both in and out of the boat. Coming in at an impressively light 19 pounds, this boat feels like air on water. Both stable and forgiving, the Chinook is a fun and smooth ride to say the least.

Everything You Need In One Package

You ordered your inflatable kayak, but where’s the pump?! No fret — the Chinook line comes with Aquaglide’s top-of-the line hand pump, allowing you to get on the water enjoying your boat as soon as possible. The dual or single action pump is capable of inflating up to 10 psi for quick and easy inflation. The Chinook also comes with a quick-release fin, making it easy for the user to pop on and off as needed and makes for excellent tracking. A comfortable one-person seat (in the 90) and two-person seat (in the 100 and 120) allow you to nestle in and get where you’re wanting to go, stat. And just in case something happens (safety first!), your repair kit is ready to go.

Travel Easy

With such a lightweight rig and carrying bag included, it’s no wonder that Chinook owners choose to bring their boat on the road. Whether by plane, train, or automobile, you can easily travel with your Chinook kayak. Simply pack it up in the duffle-style storage bag for effortless transportation and storage, and you’re off. Perfect for those who crave a premium on portability, the inflatable Chinook kayak will be your new best friend. Where will you adventure next?

Quality Construction

Not only is the Chinook a stellar boat to glide in, its quality construction makes it far more superior than some of its inflatable competitors on the market. The HexShell deck cover is made of 600 denier hex ripstop polyester for durability, is puncture-resistant, and provides protection from the elements you're bound to come by on a paddle. The EvoBeam technology floor is engineered for maximum strength and performance, and creates a v-hull shape for added tracking. These awesome technical features make the Chinook stand out in more ways than one.

The More, The Merrier

Everything is more fun when you are enjoying it with those you love, are we right? With the Chinook 100 and 120, you can bring your friends along for a tandem paddle on the water. The 100 can accommodate up to two people, but still comes in at a compact size of 10 feet. The 120, just a little bit longer at 12 feet, is perfect for one to two people, plus a child or a pet on short trips. And yes — the 120 comes with a removable child seat! Make it a family affair, or have the space to carry all of your extra gear, with the Chinook 120.

Perfect Your Paddle

You know what’s really great about Aquaglide’s Chinook line? The general “chill” ride and vibe it provides. There’s no stress to go fast. There’s no worry if you’re taking it easy. This rig is the perfect paddler for beginners or advanced individuals. And if you’re wanting to simply perfect your paddle skills, you’ll find the Chinook to be a wonderful inflatable kayak to do so.

An Angler’s Dream

Whether you are an experienced angler or just getting into the sport, the Chinook is the perfect companion to your summer fishing days on the water. The Chinook comes with rod holders, located on the back of the seat, keeping your rods securely in place. The deck also has a cargo bungee, on bow and stern offering secure storage for extra gear. We know how long one might spend fishing, and for that, comfort is king. The Core 2.0 Quick Release seat offers a thick padded seat cushion and breathable high backrest, along with an adjustable footrest. So sit back, relax, and glide on by quietly with your lightweight rig while you fish the day away on the Chinook.

Aquaglide’s Chinook line has proven time and time again to be the ideal recreational kayak for solo or tandem flat-water paddling. And with the major pluses we mentioned above, can you blame it? It’s your turn. Experience the inflatable rig that everyone knows and loves so much: The Chinook. 

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