A Recipe for the Perfect Fall Paddle

Summer seems to get all of the love when it comes to the best time of year to participate in watersports, and for good reason. The hot weather practically begs for a dip in the water, making an afternoon kayak or SUP session that much more appealing. But there’s something about paddling in the fall that feels juuust right. Maybe it’s the cool, brisk mornings that require extra layers. Or perhaps it’s floating on water that appears to look like glass, with a golden shimmer reflection. Likely, it’s the fall foliage bursting with vibrants colors against various shadows. Take our word for it, paddling in the fall is a treat when done right. Make the most of your time on the water with the following recipe for a perfect fall paddle.

Start Your Paddle Trip Early

Being one of the first to hit the water in the morning is such a treat, and especially in the fall. The air is so crisp, demanding a few more layers to be worn on your expedition. The stillness of the water brings a sense of calm and grounding, setting the scene for the perfect start to your day. 

Layers, Layers, & More Layers

Cold water in the summer will likely feel good, given the hotter temps outside. But in the fall and winter months, falling in the cold water can be life-threatening. Cold air combined with cold water does not allow your body to recover once your core temp has been lowered. For this reason, and to make the most of your fall paddling adventures, it is extremely important to wear all-the-layers. Especially if you’re heading out on a cooler morning. 

Because it’s colder in the morning, make sure to wear wicking material, as always, as not to get wet and stay cold throughout your paddle. After you put on a base layer that allows you to stay dry, your second layer should be something made of fleece or wool, to keep you insulated and warm. Finally, dry suits are a great investment and should be worn as your third and final layer.

Prep Drinks & Snacks For the Ride

Don’t come unprepared to your fall paddle. Think ahead about the tastiest fall snacks and beverages on your list, and plan to bring them along! Grab your favorite insulated bottle, and fill it with a little pumpkin spice latte or chai tea latte. Get creative with your snacks — think apple chips, pumpkin bread, or caramel corn — and store them in an insulated, waterproof cooler bag. Have a little fun with this and bring a little picnic set-up. You never know what little alcoves you may find to stop, indulge, and take in the fall goodness all around.

Set The Tone: Make a Fall Playlist

It’s time to gather all of your favorite moody songs and create the best autumn-inspired playlist you can think of. Once you’ve had time to take in the serene sounds of fall and leaves wrestling amongst the branches, turn on your favorite fall playlist and let it guide you for the rest of your picturesque ride. This waterproof speaker packs a punch with its compact size, big bass sound, and clip-anywhere functionality.

Paddle, Photograph, Paddle

As with any paddle, bring your phone or a way to keep others in the loop on your location, in the event you need assistance. Another reason to bring your phone (or camera) along? Snap those instagram worthy photos! You’ve made it all the way out to the golden patch of aspen trees, now it’s time to document. Memories are great and all, but sometimes you just have to capture the beauty in real life, at a moment in time, to look back on.

You’d be hard-pressed not to stumble upon amazing scenery during any paddle, let alone in the fall. Paddle through the golden-reflections on the water as each stroke takes you past all of the red, orange, and yellow-tinged fall leaves. Whether you choose to take your fall adventure on white water or flatwater, you’re in for a real seasonal treat.

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