Aquaglide Pairs with Kona Bicycle Co. To Create World’s First-Ever Water Bike Park

BEND, Oregon — It’s time to take your bike to the water with the latest from Aquaglide, makers of inflatable water sport gear and Aquaparks, located on open waters across the globe. Aquaglide, in conjunction with its new sister company, Kona Bicycle Co., has just announced the latest innovative product line in their suite of high-quality inflatable products — a collection of customizable water-based, floating slopestyle course pieces, intended for bikes.

A leader in the Aquapark industry, the new concept seamlessly adds more products to their robust collection, but with a different focus: bikes. The recent rise in both water sports and biking is apparent, and what better way to combine the two than with the ingenious Aqua Bike Park. This park design allows riders to train for high consequence slopestyle and freeride events like Redbull’s Joyride, with minimal risk of injury.

Technical details for the cutting-edge Aqua Bike Park include:

  • Construction: Tubular and Double I-beam construction using RF and Hot-air welding techniques
  • Materials: 0.90mm (31oz) Duratex – 1000d, 20 x 26 polyester core
  • Valves: Integrated pressure relief valves (PRV’s) for overpressure protection
  • Surface: Patented carbon/ Kevlar weave Inflatable Composites material

“We’ve heard it loud and clear — there’s a need to combine the athlete’s love of water and bikes, into one. And with our recent partnership with our new sister company Kona Bicycle Co., it feels right,” said Jeff Cunningham, GM, Aquaglide. “The new Aqua Bike Park we’re working on will not only be mind-blowing, but we expect the giant floating bike park to take the biking world by storm. Our cutting edge technology is apparent throughout, from the customizable pieces, down to the anti-slip material that is specific to the bike park.”

Aquaglide and Kona Bicycle Co. are both owned by parent company, Kent Outdoors. Kent Outdoors acquired Kona in January of 2022. The new product concept combines the best of both worlds from each company. Set to be released late summer of 2022, expect to see the spectacle popping up at mountain bike events across the world very soon.

Over the last 15 years, Aquaglide has worked to become the leader in recreational water products, including Aquaparks, residential play structures, kayaks, SUPs, and now Aqua Bike Parks. With the goal of sharing their passion for having fun on the water and developing products that help consumers to do so, the brand has evolved globally, successfully operating on six continents.

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