All Hail Inflatables: 9 Reasons Why Investing in an Inflatable Kayak or SUP is Worth It

Paddleboards and kayaks have come a long way since the days of heavy boards and boats. Inflatables themselves have also come a long way, now made more durably, and intended to last a lifetime. If you’ve yet to jump on the inflatables train, what are you waiting for? Let us convince you (it’s not hard) with these nine reasons why investing in an inflatable kayak or SUP is worth it. 

  1. You Don’t Need A Roof Rack Or A Truck

Who wants to bother with having to secure your board down every time you head out on your next adventure? Storing an inflatable is incredibly easy — simply deflate, stow, and you’re on the go. If you don’t have a truck or want to save on the expensive cost of a roof rack, an inflatable paddleboard or kayak might suit your lifestyle best. 

  1. Ideal For The Traveler

If you love to travel, and you’re a kayak or SUP enthusiast, an inflatable rig is the way to go. Your board or boat can literally be transported anywhere. Say goodbye to those hefty rental fees while vacationing, and simply bring your own beloved gear from home along for the ride.

  1. Transport In A Backpack

While on the topic of transportation, certain inflatables can even be transported by bike! If you live in a water-friendly town, you can ride down to the river or lake with your gear right on your back. Aquaglide’s River Crossing Storage Bag is designed for easy transport and active hiking to your favorite destination with your Aquaglide kayak or SUP, made with rugged 600d polyester padded construction. Built to last, this bag will sit comfortably on your body, so you can focus on getting to the next blissful destination.

  1. Quality Is Top Notch

Inflatables are made more durable than ever thanks to ever-evolving technology and quality materials. In the case of Aquaglide products, many of our boards and boats are constructed using drop-stitch technology, which uses low-stretch aramid fibers to hold the top and bottom surfaces equidistant from each other. Heat fusion is then used to secure the tough woven core fibers to durable layers of reinforced PVC, instead of glue used on most inflatable products on the market today. Simply put, drop-stitch allows you to utilize a higher air pressure, creating a more rigid product, which means… more fun! Inflatables can be just as sturdy and strong as composites or hard shells, you just have to take a little time and effort to care for them (ahem, no gliding over sharp rocks or objects).

  1. It Takes Minutes To Inflate And Deflate

This one might be considered by some as the only “con” to an inflatable, but it’s the price you pay for such a compact and convenient product. Most inflatables can be inflated in less than eight minutes with a hand pump, or you can invest in a handy electric pump to make your life a little easier.

  1. Compact Storage

This one goes without saying and has already been touched on a bit, but an inflatable boat or SUP is so compact and convenient, you need only a little space to store it somewhere safely. And because it’s so compact, you will likely leave it indoors rather than storing out in the elements, which will ultimately ensure a longer life of the product.

  1. They Are Versatile

There are several SUP-specific and kayak-specific models on the market, depending on what type of recreation you enjoy — everything from fast-touring boards to whitewater kayaks. A major perk of inflatables is they are so versatile, practically anyone in the family can use them depending on their personal interests. Whether you choose to chill on flat water, make your way down winding rivers, hit the surf, challenge yourself in whitewater, or catch some fish, there’s an inflatable SUP or kayak for you.

  1. Easy To Direct And Control

When an inflatable SUP or kayak is inflated to its maximum PSI level, it feels rigid and strong, just like that of a hard board. They are so rigid in fact, they perform amazing on the water, offering great ability in controlling, turning, and tracking.

  1. Upkeep is Easy

It’s relatively easy to care for your inflatable SUP or kayak. Aside from avoiding sharp objects and abrasions, it’s important to properly store your inflatable. Before storing until your next outing, rinse off your inflatable with fresh water, and completely dry it out before folding up and stowing.

Get your hands on an inflatable SUP or kayak and you will begin to wonder how you ever lived without one. It checks all the boxes, including the most important: comfortable, durable, and convenient. Grab the family (pup, too!) and head out on some epic adventures with an inflatable SUP or kayak. For a look at the best in inflatable, check out all of Aquaglide’s ISUPs and kayaks.

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