Aquaglide Media Roundup: 9 Adventures and Reviews to get you hyped for paddle season

Looking for some footy to amp up your paddle season? Check out this curated round up of Aquaglide paddle powered footage and gear reviews from downhome everyday outdoors folk. 


Nothing makes us feel more inspired than watching folks take epic adventures on their Aquaglide kayaks. Here are some of our favorites.

Jesse Schpakowski shows paddlers what’s possible in an inflatable kayak, multi-day winter style. His epic drone selfie shots give viewers a real sense of the healing and solitude that comes from a solo expedition into a wilderness surrounded by big terrain. The soundtrack is as melodically expansive as the footage and inflatable kayak its self. The rough cut cobble beaches, late night fires and beachfront campsites will make you fall in love with paddling alone.

JC Journey takes a trip on Alder Lake, outside of Ranier National Park. They paddle through calm turquoise glacial water and mature groves of conifers with views of Mt. Ranier. They also spot incredible wildlife - including a Bald Eagle, Spotted Sandpiper, Hooded Merganser, Osprey, Greater Yellowlegs, and Killdeer. Live vicariously through Jody and Chris, and learn a bit about bird ID along the way.

Jay Hill takes his McKenzie 125 for a wild ride on the Chattahoochee River. The Chattahoochee in Columbus, GA, was built for recreational whitewater opportunities and is a haven for paddlers - especially playboaters. In this video, Jay hits his line through Waveshaper, and stops along the way for a quick surf and flatspin.


We may be biased, but we think Aquaglide kayaks are the best out there. Don't just take it from us though - we've compiled a few of the many non-sponsored reviews on YouTube.

The Blackfoot 130 is the perfect angling partner in crime. There are tons of aftermarket modifications Fly Fish Dan will tell you about in this informational fishing video. The command stand from Yakima, cooler and an extended seat are just some of the pieces he sports. Fly Fish Dan’s favorite feature? The sturdy, stand-up worthy, Duratex™ construction and high-pressure drop-stitch floor. About the Blackfoot: Named for the legendary Blackfoot River in Montana, the 130 is an ideal solo angling kayak. With plenty of space for gear or an extra seat, the 130 is loaded with features and optimizations to impress fisher persons and assist them in their goal: catching fish.

One of the best parts of Aquaglide is their international following. In this video a self proclaimed average bloke, The Optimistic Adventurer, busts open a Chelan 155, inflates it and takes it for a joy ride. The reviewer points out the versatility of the velcro floor and adjustable seat location (allowing for one or two passengers), that the kayak supports 600 lbs and the low profile 6 inch fin which helps keep the kayak’s bearing stable in wind. After adventuring solo on the Exeter Canal, a first mate joins him for a tandem jaunt before the kayak is deflated and packed away in less than 5 minutes. 

Discover His Way explains why he is so amped on the Blackfoot 160 tandem angler and its drop stitch floor and “every bell and whistle.” Exclaiming this kayak is state of the art, the reviewer goes through each accessory and adaptation, fin, seats, cooler, etc. and informs viewers of all the details of that piece. He points out the splash guard and the self bailing outlets as unique features making this inflatable kayak adaptable to whitewater.

In this highlight reel, The Sunshine State Vikings inflate their Chinook 100 and enjoy a paddle around Lake Maitland, FL. From rolled up in the car to pumped and ready to launch, this couple smiles through a rainy Florida storm cell and enjoys the clear skies on the other side. Exploring an island in the middle of the lake, the couple sets up a hammock and enjoys a romantic picnic, waterside. 

Another international presenter, Back on Trail, answers the age-old question that separates inflatables from hard shell kayaks - what do you do if your inflatable is punctured? Although inflatable kayak floors are incredibly durable, on occasion they do tear or damage. The newest standard in repair is Tear-Aid or manufactured patch material. Finally, this adventurer prefers to transport his kayak by motorbike and wants to empower others with alternate transport means to choose inflatables over hardshell kayaks because they are easier to transport in a variety of vehicles. 

An Aussie, GrizzlyNbear Overland, unpacks and inflates his McKenzie 125. He is stoked on the backpack for transport on foot up a canyon or down a trail. The reviewer is impressed that the manual inflation process didn’t take much over 6 minutes (including the floor) and happy that the tandem McKenzie 125 came with two paddles. Gear loops, adjustments available for seats and how to use the screw in fin system are also discussed. 

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