Making the Most of Your Gear: 4 Tips for Adhering to Paddlesport Gear Best Practices

So you’ve got your ideal boat and gear setup. The paddleboards, the kayaks — even the tandem kayaks. Or maybe you have one prized kayak you take out on the water as much as possible. Kayaks and SUPs need special care to live out their days, and let you live out your life. Read on for four tips to make the most out of your gear, and adhere to paddlesport gear best practices when it comes to care.

Keep it Clean

Though kayaks need little cleaning and are thoughtfully designed to need a little amount of maintenance, it is important to give your boat a good cleaning once in a while. If your boat is often paddled in salt water, a simple fresh water rinse with some gentle soap is all that’s needed. Some boats, like composite, could use a little car wax on them to add a protective layer. Composite and plastic boats, like Aquaglide’s durable PVC construction, may benefit from 303 Protectant, to bring back shine to your kayak’s surface, protect it from fading due to sun exposure, and keep the outfitting and hatches protected.

Make Repairs When Needed

Cracks and leaks are bound to happen. It is important that no matter what type of boat or board you have — wood, glass, thermoform, rotomold, or in the case of Aquaglide, an inflatable — you have the repairs fixed efficiently.. Making small repairs when necessary ensures that there is no structural damage which critically compromises the integrity of the craft. 

For inflatable boats in particular, there are a few ways to go about repairs. For temporary field repairs on any cotton decking, you may choose to use Gorilla Tape or a fabric adhesive, Tear Mender. When it comes to your boat's PVC shell, you can purchase a patch kit, or build your own. Think of repairs like fixing a leak in an inner bike tube. Be sure to clean the area around the leak well. Apply some Aquaseal or similar adhesive, put down a deck patch, press firmly, and you’re good to go.

Store it Right

There are obvious reasons why we store our kayaks and boards. We don’t want them exposed to harsh weather elements, of course. But did you know there’s a proper way to store your gear? The last thing you want is a damaged boat or board due to storing improperly.

To prevent hull and board damage, you ideally want to store the kayak and SUP with the weight evenly distributed on a rack or hanging system in a garage. If you’re in the DIY spirit, take a stab at one of these amazing DIY storage solutions. Don’t own a garage? Luckily with inflatables like Aquaglide, you can decompress and pack up nicely in it’s carrier. Before storing, always make sure to clean up your gear nicely. 

Transport with Ease

If you want your beloved kayaks and SUPs to last a while, your means of transporting them must be good. Yeah, if you have roof racks you can snap those babies in and get to your destination. Or if you have a truck, you can use tie downs. But what if you don’t have racks or a truck? Aquaglide’s inflatables allow you to easily get to where you’re going, with a simple compact carrier to protect your gear. Have you ever seen anyone ride their bike with their SUP on their back? Yeah, it’s possible with Aquaglide. While racks and trucks are acceptable, you risk wind catching and exposure to elements throughout the ride.

Don’t get stuck having to make unnecessary repairs due to lack of care. Follow these four tips for adhering to paddlesport gear best practices and make the most of your gear. 

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