Paddle Date Night: 4 mini hydro-honeymoons

It’s a scientific fact that a pair of kayaks or a set of SUPs have the unique ability to catapult courtship by 1000%. A duo of inflatables can spark a new flame during a first date, resuscitate romance with a long time partner, and everything in between. The suggested date night outings below will help you get the river of love flowing with your significant other or potential suitor. Get yourself a set of inflatables and buckle up. 

Moonlight tandem paddle 

Vessel of choice: Tandem Kayak

Picture yourself at the put-in, paddle in hand, kayak at your feet, significant other in tow. The moon is bright in the sky and stars are near bursting. And, since it’s after hours, there’s no crowd, just the two of you and a horizon of blue. You and your honey launch into a glassy waterway of nighttime paddle magic. We recommend this date on a full moon for optimal moonlight. Take this trip during golden hour or right after dusk if you're uncomfortable paddling after dark. 

Picnic by paddle board 

Vessels of choice: Blackfoot Tandel Angler ISUP or Single Blackfoot Angler SUPs x 2

Start by raising your heart rate with paddlestrokes, then fill up with snacks on the water! Whether you roll out a simple picnic in the middle of your tandem paddle board or you raft up the two single boards side-by-side, nothing says love like a picnic spread while you float into bliss on your favorite lake. Food and drinks don’t need to be over the top to be enjoyable. Shoot for simple casual, something you can drink out of a koozie and something you can eat with your fingers.

Sunset or sunrise kayaking sojourn  

Vessels of choice: Touring Kayaks like the Chelan or Navorro Series

Are you an early riser or a night owl? Luckily, either way, you have a chance to catch an epic sun event from the water everyday. Kayaks are arguably the vessel of choice for this inflatable date night so you can easily access a camera for epic photos. Think of a sunset or sunrise as nature’s drive-in theater. The colorful sky is the movie screen and your kayak is the best seat in the house. Sit back and enjoy the show. 

Lunchtime launch time

Vessels of choice: Recreational Kayaks like the Chinook Series

Only have time for a quickie? The lunchtime paddle is a great choice for a few reasons. In cooler winter months, midday has the friendliest temperatures for a water outing. In addition, a paddle date at noon is a fun way to break up the work day. And, a final reason to paddle during a lunch break? It’s original. If you want to impress your beau, keep things interesting.

Happy paddling and we’ll see you on the water! 

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