Aquaglide Product Highlight: Cirrus Ultralight Series

The time has come. You no longer need to sacrifice paddling performance to save space and lessen weight with the arrival of Aquaglide’s latest and greatest, the Cirrus Ultralight kayak. At a hull weight of just 14.75 pounds for the Cirrus 110, this innovative, high-performance touring kayak is bound to disrupt the scene in the best possible way. Much product design and testing has gone into the construction of Aguaglide’s lightest touring kayak yet, and every feature has been carefully modified to maximize comfort and performance while minimizing weight.. so what exactly makes the Cirrus so different?

A Closer Look at The Cirrus

Think of the Cirrus Ultralight as the ultimate blend of a high-performance touring kayak with the extreme light weight and stowability of a packraft. Performance and weight-savings are prioritized in this kayak, thanks to the use of a TPU side tubes with a groundbreaking TPU dropstitch floor.

TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane, an innovative material double-coated on tough, tenacious 0.13mm 70 denier nylon (and 0.20mm 410 denier on the floor) to create an ultralight, ultra-tough, air holding material. It’s outstanding abrasion-resistance means we’re using 1/10th the material weight to achieve similar performance to Duratex. We’re excited about TPU/ Nylon for its outstanding performance and weight saving, but also because of its reduced impact on the environment.

Both the solo and tandem Cirrus come in at a fraction of the weight of their peers. The Cirrus 110 weighs just under 15 pounds at 11 feet long, and the Cirrus 150 weighs 18 pounds at 15 feet long. The silhouette is designed for speed and tracking, lending itself to touring long distances while carrying speed with little effort. In our product tests, the Cirrus accelerates seconds quicker than similar models and requires fewer strokes to hold cruising speed.

The Cirrus comes with a compression storage bag for packability, which also doubles as a drybag for clothing and other gear while you’re on the water. Double-duty gear is a win in our book. In addition to the storage bag, you’ll also receive a seat, footrest, fin, and repair kit.

Who is The Cirrus for? Cirrus 110 Vs. Cirrus 150

The Cirrus 110 and 150 were designed for the paddlers looking to get the most out of their craft. This premium series is the perfect companion for the overlander, backcountry enthusiast, or any paddler who simply values unparalleled kayak touring function in an ultralight package. If you don't want to compromise on performance for the sake of weight, or weight for the sake of performance, the Cirrus is for you. While the Cirrus is designed to be as stiff and durable as possible at it's feather-light weight, reasonable care should be taken to treat it as one would treat any other extremely light, high performance sporting goods product.

If you’re looking for a solo touring inflatable kayak, the Cirrus 110 is your fit. The 110 is best for one person (accommodates up to 300 pounds), plus some gear. Looking for a tandem kayak? The 150 is designed as a two-person kayak, however, you can also use it loaded down with essential gear as well. Base your decision on whether you typically kayak solo, with friends by your side, or loaded down with gear for multiple nights in the backcountry.

Key Features

There’s a lot to love about the Cirrus Ultralight series. Sure, it is Aquaglide’s lightest touring kayak yet and makes paddling and stowing incredibly easy. But what about the technical features?

Here’s a breakdown of the nitty gritty details.

Key Technical Features

  •  Double-Coated 0.13mm TPU 70 denier Nylon Fabric side tubes – lightweight and supple, yet provides excellent rigidity when fully inflated
  • Double-Coated 0.20mm TPU 410 denier Nylon Fabric floor skin – provides additional durability from rocks and other debris on the floor
  • TPU ULDS (Ultralight Drop-Stitch) Floor – lightweight rigidity and optimal paddling performance
  • High-Performance Touring Design – Positive tracking, yet extremely agile
  • Lightweight and Packable/Stowable – weighing a mere 14 lbs (110) and 18 lbs (150), it easily fits into waterproof compression storage bag

        Key User Features

        • UL (Ultralight) Inflatable Seat – adjustable lightweight support and comfort
        • UL (Ultralight) EVA Footrest – lightweight control for improved paddling efficiency
        • Velcro Adjustment Strips – allow for personalized custom seat and footrest positions
        • PA (Polyamide) Nylon D-rings – provide secure attachment for seat back
        • Quick Release Weedless Fin – increases tracking
        • Molded Plastic Carry Handles – on bow, stern, and at mid-point for comfortable carrying or lifting
        • Cockpit Drain – opens easily to drain water from the boat
        • Halkey-Roberts Type Valves – for quick and easy inflation and deflation
        • Mini-MOLLE Attachment System – on either side of cockpit, for storage of essential items
        • Deck Cargo Bungees – on bow and stern offer secure storage of extra gear
        • Waterproof Compression Storage Bag – doubles as drybag for clothing and gear when paddling

        There you have it folks. The Cirrus is the latest and greatest in inflatable technology, with ultralight capabilities and zero compromise on performance. Get ready for your next touring expedition with the Cirrus’ lightweight rigidity and optimal paddling performance. For more on Aquaglide products and other kayak and SUP topics, check out the Commons Water blog.

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