The Paddler’s Budget-Friendly 2020 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to (online) shop ‘til we drop. The holidays are just around the corner, and now more than ever we’re trying to gift our loved ones with intentional goods that serve a purpose and fit a tight budget. This year has felt uncertain for many reasons. Don’t get caught up in the “what’s hot right now” gift guide extravaganza. Maybe you, your friend, spouse, or family member is a hardcore paddler enthusiast. Or maybe it’s something they’re just getting into this year. Because we love all things paddle sports, we’re diving into the ultimate paddler’s gift guide in 2020. Read on for thoughtful gifts ideas that won’t completely break the bank this holiday season.

Dry Bag

A paddling must-have, dry bags keep all of your important gear water-free, even in the soggiest conditions. For day paddles or small to medium sized gear loads, the NRS Tuff Sack is a perfect companion. Featuring a simple fold-down closure and constructed of heavy-duty material, the Tuff Sack comes in sizes ranging from 5L to 55L. We find the 10L to be a perfect size for most uses.

If you need a truly burly bag, NRS Bill’s Bag is the one for you. It’s constructed of heavy-duty 21 oz PVC/polyester body, and holds 65L. The adjustable backpack harness with padded straps makes it incredibly easy to tote around.

Hydration Backpack

It’s always important to stay hydrated while adventuring. Take the DolfinPack Lightweight Hydration Pack with you wherever you go. Offering a lightweight and durable hydration system without all the fluff, this minimalistic pack is BPA free and offers a 1.5L reservoir to quench your thirst.


Every kayaker or fisherman needs a quality cooler to keep their food and drinks fresh. Aquaglide’s custom designed cooler is great for extended water time, and offers nine quarts of insulated storage space.

Paddling Gloves

Hands and feet are the most likely to get cold first while out on a paddle. There are hundreds of gloves to choose from, but these NRS HydroSkin Gloves top the list for keeping hands warm while paddling in cold weather with 0.5 mm neoprene.

Neoprene Socks

The NRS Boundary Sock is a high cut neoprene sock that is waterproof and warm, perfect for keeping your feet comfortable during a winter paddle. Fully-taped seams keep water from coming in, and the 18-inch height is sealed for greater warmth.


This Kokatat farmer-john-style wetsuit is a dream come true for paddlers who prefer to wear a wetsuit. The comfortable suit features 3mm nylon with double-face neoprene construction, with a durable front-entry zipper. Technical specs like the non-skid knee reinforcement helps boaters stay put, a perk in our book.

Paddle Leash

A paddle leash is a recreational padder’s best friend, designed to keep your paddle from floating away from you. Made of nylon bungee, the Best Marine & Outdoors Kayak Paddle Leash is seven-feet-long when stretched, and it easily attaches to your kayak paddle with a simple velcro strap. Be sure to only use leashes on slow moving waterways free of snags such as downed trees.

Paddle Float

Even for the experienced paddler, a paddle float is invaluable. This indispensable self rescue device has dual air chambers with twist air valves, fits right on your paddle and has a quick release buckle closure. Safety first, always.

Inflatable Kayak

New to kayaking or not, a new vessel often tops the wishlist of enthused paddlers. The Chinook 100 is a versatile, affordable, and lightweight recreational kayak designed for mellow water and good times. It’s compact layout allows the user to maneuver easily and explore often. And it’s transport is so easy, anyone can use it.

The kayak or SUP you want to gift isn't in stock? Not to worry - Aquaglide's 2021 product restock will come early next year, and in the interim, wrap a photo of your inflatable gift of choice as a stand-in.

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

An iSUP that offers versatility and packability to paddle any and all water at your leisure, the Cascade 10 is the lightweight paddle board of your dreams, coming in at a whopping 22 pounds. And the best part? When the adventure is over, just pack it up and store efficiently for next time.

What are you eyeing this holiday season? Whether you’re shopping for others, or —ahem— yourself, make every gift count. Give some smiles and new adventures to the paddler in your life with these budget-friendly 2020 paddler gift ideas.

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