The Ultimate Vessel for Spearfishing and Freediving 

Marko Lubonic (@MarkoSpearo) is a an Aquaglide ambassador, freediving Instructor, and avid spearfisherman residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

“Spearfishing is the most sustainable way of harvesting marine life. Unlike regular rod and reel fishing, spearfishing is not only a more challenging and sportier way of harvesting fish due to the challenge of diving and pursuing fish on a single breath of air, but also a more selective way of harvesting marine life, allowing us to pick and choose legal size and mature fish while leaving the juveniles aside.” – Marko Lubonic 

Freediving and Spearfishing in the Pacific Northwest offers an abundance of marine life and some of the most incredible cold water freediving and spearfishing in the world. However, accessing the best spots directly from shore can be a challenge. This led Marko on a quest for the “Ultimate Vessel”, which led him to Aquaglide. 

“My quest for productive fishing holes, offshore reefs or pinnacles teeming with large fish meant I either needed a boat or kayak to get me there. Since boats come with a high price, take up more space and are costly to own compared to a kayak, the clear choice for me was getting an inflatable and durable high-pressure ocean-worthy kayak that is capable of taking on the swells. The added benefit is that I could transport it in my compact SUV and store it in my apartment.” 

Here are 3 reasons Marko chose the Aquaglide Chelan 155 Inflatable Kayak. 

  1. Environmentally Conscious – It’s more eco-friendly than a gasoline powered boat and offers a quiet paddling experience while getting to the fishing grounds. This provides a meditative experience in preparation for freediving. 
  1. Stability – Aquaglide's Chelan 155 design characteristics and capacity as a tandem kayak is cruicial, because the main rule of freediving and spearfishing is “Never Dive Alone”. The 15’6" Chelan 155 is plenty wide and stable enough for two people plus plenty of gear. “It is important to have a stable enough kayak that isn't going to be flipped over upon exiting and entering the kayak.” 
  1. Durability – The Pacific Northwest’s shoreline is rugged, with barnacle clad sharp rocks just looking for a fight. Thankfully Aquaglide’s 1000 Denier Duratex reinforced PVC provided the solution and peace of mind needed. “You still have to be mindful to not allow sharp objects like spear tips or dive knives to loosely lay inside the kayak - common sense at the simplest level" says Marko. 

How Marko outfits his Chelan 155 Kayak for Spearfishing: 

  • Long freediving fins are best kept at the deck of the bow of the kayak and suspended by the deck bungee cords.  
  • Spearguns are held in place by the stern deck bungee cords with speargun tips pointing behind and away from the kayak bladders.  
  • An inflatable or rigid hydrodynamic low-drag spearfishing buoy with a fish stringer is tied by approximately 4 feet of paracord line to the carrying handle at the stern.  

“The reason for this is because a spearfishing buoy would take up a considerable amount of space inside the kayak it is better to leave it outside the kayak by tying it to the kayak at the stern. In addition, speared fish are put on the stringer which is clipped to the spearfishing buoy. This keeps the fish cool in the cold water at all times and eliminates the need of bringing bulky coolers for fish that would further eat up the space in the kayak.  

“Simply put, the Chelan 155 is a well thought out and extremely high-quality kayak that proved to be the ultimate inflatable kayak for Spearfishing and is a true game changer.” 

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