Up Your Paddle Game With These 10 Favorite Ways To Accessorize Aquaglide Products

When it comes to accessorizing your Aquaglide kayak or SUP, the opportunities are endless. Make the most of your time on the water with a few extra accessories that will serve your paddle needs and wants. Bringing a bevy on board? We’ve got a cup holder for that. How about mounting that fish finder? Our Universal Mount Accessory Fitting is the gear you need. We’re breaking it down into three categories of accessories: comfort, performance, and extra necessities. Up your paddle game with these ten favorite ways to accessorize your Aquaglide kayak or boat, and you’ll be ready for any water escapades that come your way.


First things first. When you’re on the water, your number one priority should be being comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t be able to perform at your best abilities on the water. And let’s face it, you won’t be able to have fun. Take matters into your own hands and deck out your kayak or SUP with all the extras that will take you the extra mile, with a smile.


When you’re paddling, your seat can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and support on the water. Aquaglide’s seat selection allows you to choose a seat that works for your paddling style. The Core Seat is Aquaglide’s signature seat style and design, offering a comfortable yet supportive foam cushion, a high backrest with inner supportive foam cushion, and a mesh pocket for convenient and accessible storage. Fishermen will enjoy an integrated rod holder for all of your fishing needs, and adjustable quick-connect support straps to enable maximum performance.

The Proformance Seat is designed for ultimate comfort and durability. The easily adjustable air cushion allows each user to customize the seat to their liking. The high backrest offers dual-density foam for more support. Along with mesh storage compartments, rod holders, and support straps, the heavy-duty velcro adjustment system means that seat positions can be easily refined. How’s that for pro-formance?

For a seat specific to your Mckenzie, Deschutes, Chinook, Noyo, and Navarro, the Core Seat 2 is designed specifically for each kayak. The body of the seat remains the same, but each seat offers few variations to better complement each boat style.

A standard on the Blackfoot Angling Kayaks, the AG Frame Seat can be purchased separately as an add-on accessory for most newer Aquaglide SUPs. The framed seat offers a convenient under-seat shelf for storage, can be attached to floor loops with adjustable webbing straps, and hey, you can even use it on land!

Do you have littles in tow? The Saddle Seat keeps the kids comfortable in the kayak, an elevated booster seat made specifically for children.

Seat Riser 

Add a few more inches of visibility when sitting in your kayak with Aquaglide’s drop stitch cushion, the Seat Riser. With a velcro bottom, it’s easy to affix to the floor and Core seat. The bolster itself can easily be inflated with a standard kayak pump, up to 6 psi. Better views and comfort paddling are guaranteed with the seat riser.

Deck Cover

Calling all Navarro owners: if you’re looking for some added warmth and protection, grab hold of the Touring Deck Cover, which can transform the boat from an open deck to a one-person sit-inside deck. 


There are a number of products available to enhance not only your comfort on the water, but your performance. The following products will help you make the most of your time on the water, at maximum levels.


A kayak fin is used to keep your vessel going straight with minimal effort, especially with wind and waves that can highly affect the boat or board’s handling. The AG Kayak Fin, the Posi-Track Fin, or other boat-or-board-specific fins, will make a world of difference on the water. 

Thigh Straps

Designed to fit most Aquaglide kayak models, these Thigh Straps offer a way to secure a paddler in rougher conditions, or white water. Stay in, and stay put with these handy thigh straps.

Universal Mount Accessory Fitting

Add a Universal Mount to any kayak or SUP using this high-quality universal mounting plate. Used as an add-on, its robust base and welding backplates help prevent damage to your inflatable craft due to screw overset. Whether you’ve got a Scotty, Yak Attack, RAM, or another accessory, this mounting accessory fits the bill.

Extras That Matter

It’s the little extras that go a long way, especially when it comes to water sports. Enjoy your time on the water, and make it extra easy on yourself preparing for a trip, with these handy accessories.

Fishing Cooler

Take your time on the water knowing you’ve got this custom designed cooler by your side, to store your catch of the day, snacks, and drinks. The main cooler compartment offers a whopping 9 quarts of lined, insulated storage space. That amounts to 24, 12 ounce cans, with ice! The exterior of the cooler has plenty of extra storage and perks, including four extended rod holders, two side zipper pockets, a generous front pocket for lures and gear, and a clear license pocket on top for easy access. The velcro bottom ensures it stays put on any Aquaglide product with Infinite Adjust floors. Every fisherman’s dream, stay hydrated, stay cool, and stay a little longer with this multi-use fishing cooler.


Get yourself a universal mount accessory and a cupholder, and you’re set to stay hydrated. The cupholder slides in and out with a center snap, or can be mounted vertically on any MOLLE plate. It can hold anything from 12 to 40 ounce cans, with or without a koozie, and holds most insulated stainless steel bottles. Don’t need it as a cupholder? Keep it as a handy catchall for fishing lures, pliers, line, and more.

Inflatable Drybag

Keep your important items dry with Aquaglide’s inflatable dry bag. This dry bag can be used either deflated or inflated — when inflated, it doubles as a float bag for covered or hard shell kayaks. No matter the weather conditions, keep your goods happy and dry.

Storage Bag

The best part about inflatables is that you can easily store and transport your rig without the hassle of roof racks. Aquaglide’s storage bags are built to last, and offered in two different sizes depending on your boat or board size. The River Crossing Storage Bag is designed for easy transport and active hiking to your favorite destination. Padded and adjustable shoulder straps add extra comfort, with multiple handles and straps for convenience. The Crossroads DLX Backpack is designed for active hiking to your favorite lake, or even traveling via flight. Its rugged construction made of 600d Polyester/PVC laminate and heavy duty components make this over-sized bag the perfect companion for a day on the water.

As you can see, there’s a long list of accessories and ways to make the most out of your Aquaglide boat or board. Whether you’re a casual recreational paddler, or an avid white water connoisseur, up your paddle game with these ten favorite ways to accessorize Aquaglide products.

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