Need a Stress Reliever? Get In The Water, Science Says

The sound of waves crashing provides a sense of peace. Invigoration is sparked when looking at a rushing waterfall. The breathtaking view of a still lake just before you drop your gear in, and the mesmerizing water ripple effect that takes place just after. Even thinking of these events provides that calm feeling. Little do we realize just how much being in or around water actually benefits our brains.

It’s science, guys.

So, how does it work? Looking at bodies of water, or “blue space” puts our minds on a little vacation, if you will. We seem to forget our worries momentarily, and only consume what is right in front of us. It helps put our minds into a relaxed and trance-inducing state. As a result, we are able to process our thoughts more calmly and clearly, and ultimately increase our overall well being.

Right now, more than ever, our minds and bodies are craving a little breather from the day-to-day stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly brought on. While your usual go-to water spots may be out of the question, look a little harder. Depending on your state’s social distancing guidelines, and closures, it might just take a little more investigative work to find that hidden gem. But it’s there. Waiting for you to indulge in and boost those serotonin levels. 

Wash Away Your Anxiety

Ever catch yourself getting lost in your thoughts while out on the water, or even gazing out to it? The sounds and images of moving water actually alters your brain’s wave patterns, giving you that “high” of feeling relaxed, and in a meditative state. This calm state helps to reduce anxiety and stress, and promote better sleep and overall health habits.

Water Gives Us a Sense of Awe

Take a moment here. When was the last time you were in awe of something? Like truly in awe, allowing yourself to be in the present moment, taking it all in. That emotion is something bigger than itself, and often leads to perspective, and understanding your place in this world. When you imagine just how much bigger the space all around us actually is, humble feelings and a sense of connection ground you within nature.

Move Over Gym, Nature is First Place

Yeah, a treadmill or Crossfit gym might get the job done, but the benefits of exercising outdoors near water trumps those indoor workouts. There’s more of a mental boost when out in nature. Let’s break down the science here. Positive ions are emitted through things we are exposed to everyday — appliances, computers, cell phones — and they drain us of our natural energy. Negative ions — that are generated outdoors and by things like thunderstorms and waterfalls — help us quickly absorb oxygen and balance out our serotonin levels. Another win for water.

Blue Space Inspires and Motivates

Now that we know when you’re in or near water that your brain is in a more relaxed state, we can understand more about the positive benefits our brain takes on from having that “on/off” switch. Once in that relaxed state, your brain doesn’t “think” to bring in all those anxious feelings, rather the calm state helps to encourage thoughts of creativity and inspiration. So next time you plan to go on the water, grab that pen and paper, you never know when your next big idea will hit

How will you choose to escape your thoughts today? Grab your Aquaglide gear, and venture out to the unknown — safely and with social distancing in mind, of course. We promise, you won’t regret those positive vibes and chill times.

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