Squeezing In a Paddle as a Parent

As the summer starts to wind down and the kids prepare to dive back into school, we know what you’re thinking… You’re plotting a sneaky afternoon getaway, with just you, your inflatable, and maybe your dog (if they're lucky). Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you’re playing hooky. Once the kids are on the bus, you’re scot-free. In fact, we want to support your sojourn - Here are some ways to find time for a sneaky mid day paddle.

Happy Hour Work Meeting

Is there a happier hour than the hour you spend paddling? Spread the river stoke with co-workers or clients by holding meetings on the water. Maybe there are secret agent paddlers nested all over your company and you don’t even know it. Throw the offer out and see if there are any takers. Perhaps half the staff have paddle boards and kayaks, unbeknownst to you. Maybe you can strategize a critical corporate takeover with the C-suite team, all because you got brave at the last staff meeting and asked, “Does anyone like to paddle?” The sky’s the limit. 

Bonus idea - create a convert. Do you have two sets of paddle gear? Grab the kayaks or paddle boards and show a co-worker how it’s done. 

Kiddie Car-Pooling 

Here’s how it works. Ask some of the other parents in your kids’ class, who happen to live in your neighborhood, if they want to do a ride share. All you need is one other kid’s parents to agree to morning or afternoon duties. Plan your morning or afternoon paddles accordingly. All you need is a solid half-hour to really enjoy the whitewater park, a quick cardio up river session, or some simple paddleboard yoga. Make the most of the time you get. 

Lunch Time Launch 

Do you work near the water? Many progressive workplaces have invested in staff fleets of kayaks or paddle boards at offices located at or near a river or lake. Even if your office hasn’t yet gotten a set, maybe a buddy’s office nearby has a fleet. Ask around. Maybe draw up a proposal to your boss outlining how a quiver of paddle vessels would be good for company morale and boost productivity. We’ll vouch for you!

Technical difficulties 

“Oops, sorry team, I would love to do a zoom video with you for our meeting, but looks like my camera isn’t working. I’ll just listen in on the call instead and chime in when necessary. I’ll get the camera feature looked at by a tech wiz as soon as possible.” Meanwhile, your smart phone is in a waterproof case with a gasket hole for your headphones as you stroke it out on your favorite home-town waterway. Make hay while the sun shines - right? You still made it to the meeting - no harm no fowl. 

Stay-at-Home Hustle

Are you the parent in charge of domestic duties? We have tips for you to get a paddle in too. If it’s easier for you to find a break in your day-time schedule to get on the water, why not strategize with your better half to get them on the water too? During after work hours, maybe offer to hang back on shore with the little one while your partner paddles. Or better yet, invest in a vessel (or two) that fit the whole family, and head out on the water once that school bell rings done for the day. 

See you on the water! 

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