Top 7 Paddling Blogs to Check Out

Even when you’re not on the water, chances are your mind is wandering within the wonderful world of paddling. Whether you’re looking to learn more about watersports, read about epic adventures on the water, or keep up on the latest and greatest paddling gear, there are a ton of resources you can find online to fill your paddle cup. We’re highlighting our top paddling blogs and websites to check out, covering all things kayak, SUP, and kayak angling. So the next time you have some free time, sit back, relax, and take in all of the paddling goodness below.

  1. Go Air Kayaks — Inflatables are the next best thing in the paddle industry, and for good reason. Go Airkayaks delves into the world of today’s inflatable watercrafts, and how they’ve evolved from family recreational fun to a high-tech specialized watercraft. Their blog focuses on everything you need to know about inflatables, including how to select an inflatable kayak, in-depth product reviews, and even how to live that “van life” with your kayak.
  1. Paddling Magazine — With the goal of inspiring paddlesports participation through some awesome content filled with adventures, real-life stories, product reviews, paddling trends, and more, Paddling Magazine does a great job at giving insight into the watersports world with realistic and relatable stories. They cover everything from the business side of paddling, to offering up the best yoga poses for paddlers. How’s that for engaging storytelling?
  1. Board and Kayak Life — Board and Kayak Life brings you all of the introductory information you might want to know about kayak and SUP. Run by a luxury yacht stewardess whose job is to find the right products for the boat and cruising grounds, the author Haley has put in the research behind every product she writes about, and all of the details in between.
  1. OARS — If you have a love for paddling adventures and traveling… OARS is the website for you. Get inspired to take your water adventures on the road and check out some of the top paddling spots in the country according to OARS. With simple, yet informative blog posts like “Inflatable Kayaking 101: What You Need to Know” and “The 10 Best Rapids on the American River”, you’ve got plenty of content to peruse and get motivated to be your best, most-adventurous, paddler self.
  1. Kayak Angler — For all things kayak fishing, Kayak Angler is the answer. The print magazine publication also serves up a healthy dose of fresh content on their website, acting as the number one source for fishing kayak reviews, rigging and tactics for saltwater and freshwater species, and all of the latest industry news and fishing reports. The “Hotspots” feature highlights some of the most popular kayak fishing destinations, to help you plan your next trip. Ready to up your fishing game? Their skills and tactics articles are incredibly helpful and easy to digest.
  1. SUP Connect — Just as the name implies, SUP Connect is your resource for all things SUP, and connecting you to the sport of paddling through product reviews, news, events, tips, and travel recommendations. The site offers a “Weekly Recap”, which is essentially a roundup and countdown of the top five biggest news, reviews, interviews, or features of the last week. So, if you only have enough time to take in one thing this week, SUP Connect is the best bang for your buck for all things SUP.
  1. REI — We know what you’re thinking here, “Wait, isn’t REI just a big box outdoors retailer?” While yes, this is true, they stand for so much more. Their archive of helpful articles, tips, and interviews give such excellent insight into the outdoors, and more specifically, you can narrow down which sport you want to read more about. With over 60 blog posts having to do with paddling, there’s plenty of love for the sport that comes out of REI’s “Expert Advice”. Many of the articles focus on “How to choose xyz”, checklists, ways to strengthen your skills, and safety tips. 

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